Friday, March 25, 2011

No, I am not turning 29 again.

Remember when you were little, and you couldn't WAIT for your birthday? As some people get older, they tend to "fudge" over their birthdays a bit. Or, perhaps you celebrate, but don't really look forward to it with the same glee. I do. I always have.

I used to count down the days till my birthday regularly... and then inform any and ALL close relatives, friends, random strangers, until my voice was gone. You know what? I still do.

Jessica (Queenie on this site) has always been there. Literally, I have known her my WHOLE life, so she has been a permanent fixture at my birthdays for... well, always. She never fails to try to plan something special for me. One year, it was a whole collection of small gifts, cards, poems, etc. One for every year of my life. One year, a high tea at The Pelican Inn, and a ferry ride to San Francisco. Last year, a ride on BART into the city, and a bike ride that included just about everything, plus tea at a fun, Alice-in-Wonderland-like place. Oh, and crazy hats she handmade. Oy the hats.

This year, an awesome Day-Long-Twilight-Saga-Movie-Marathon-Extravaganza-with-homemade-luncheon-of-awesomeness!

No, I am not turning 12.

Yes, I REALLY am quite unnaturally excited about this! I have even invited a few people to take part! Despite the fact that they may figure out what a dork I am.

Yes, my husband knows, and walked away shaking his head, sighing audibly. Hi Sweetie!

The bottom line is, I LOVE my birthday! I love getting older. I don't worry about sagging skin, or wrinkles. Not that I have any yet! *cough* To me, growing old really is a wonderful part of life. I think it is pointless to fight it, and frankly, who has the time? I am not talking about letting myself go, or not being concerned with common sense things like skin cancer, FOR GOD'S SAKE PUT SOME SPF ON THAT!!! But, why should I spend the best years of my life... trying to relive years that have gone by?

Every day, I see the effects of aging. My son, Zachary, had his first visit from the Tooth Fairy the other night. Jackson says SO MANY words right now, and will parrot ANYTHING you say. Zach just got his 2nd Kindergarten report card, indicating that he is 1/3 of the year away from being a 1st grader!! Jackson is close to outgrowing his crib (and let's face it, EVERYTHING else... Christ that kid is gigantic!) They both eat sushi like old pro's, even ordering off the menu for themselves.

I have so many great years to look forward too, why regret each one arriving? I am so blessed. Blessed to be alive. Blessed to have my husband, my son's, my family... even the dogs (although the Farf is ON MY LIST TODAY!)

So celebrate April 3rd with me! Let's drool over some vampire, and were-boy! Let's eat tasty things! And let's feel AMAZING while doing it!

This year, and EVERY year God blesses me with.
"I lick the glass because I LOVE you..."


  1. I never miss an April 3 thinking of you, Kari, even when we haven't been around each other. I love your attitude on aging. Our lives are full of so many awesome experiences, and if we weren't 33 (you're not ahead of me until next week!), we wouldn't have had them all yet. I love the woman you've grown to be, and I can't wait to see how the years treat you. You're fabulous.

  2. You have a blog???? Um, it needs to be updated! LOL We were at the park until about 2. Next time, let's coordinate our visits! :)