Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life IS like a box of chocolates...

Do we really know what we're in for on any given day that we swing our legs over the edge of the bed and boldly embark on a new day? We think we do. As we shower, eat our breakfast or drive to work, we think about the tasks we'll accomplish, colleagues we'll talk to, appointments we're expected to keep. But the miracle and beauty of each day is that we don't actually know what's going to happen, and sometimes the unexpected detour is the thing that ends up being the most fun.

The Legion of Honor and Pulp Fashion were fantastic. We loved it so much that we bought a membership, which can be used at the De Young too. $64 for a two-person membership--not bad. We marveled at the detail and skill involved in making Isabelle de Borchgrave's paper clothes sculptures, which were truly amazing! As we looked at the pieces, I found myself pondering how anyone could have the audacity to devote their life to sculpting clothes! How could she be sure she wouldn't starve before someone appreciated her brilliant, yet impractical gift? It is absolute proof that people are just wired differently.  I don't know how much money I would have to have in the bank to give myself permission to play with paper all day, which by the way, I would LOVE to do.

We ate a delicious lunch at the gallery cafe, took a spin around the various collections, and then headed home via Japan Town, where we found ourselves in the midst of the 'Animae on Display' convention at the Kabuki Hotel.  We couldn't believe our luck as we waded in among the colorfully quaffed, skimpily clad and somewhat ripe-smelling adolescents, who were relishing a rare opportunity to cavort with their kind. They were exuberantly geeking out on animae, being photographed together in sultry super hero poses, and Kari and I, choking back giggles, shamelessly snapped photos and drank it all in. It was like adolescent awkwardness and arrogance on steroids, and we couldn't look away. Fortunately, everyone there was completely exhibitionist and far from offended by our gawking in disbelief. Now that was fun!

But the best part of the day--the time when I laughed the hardest--was in the car, driving with Kari to the Legion of Honor. I have no idea what we were talking about.

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