Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Wane, Wane, Goooo to Bay"

This is the song my son was singing today. Maybe he didn't quite get the words right...

When it is raining I always have a hard time being responsible. I don't mean that I get the urge to suddenly binge on Jack Daniels and smoke a blunt... but being at work... like an adult... is hard.

Maybe the fact that I work in a classroom filled with 5th graders has something to do with it. Today was a NO recess day. Not even 1 minute of outside-running-around-get-your-freakin'-wiggles-out-OH-MY-GOD-FINALLY! time. sigh. In addition to being rainy, it was also LIKE a Friday, without the relaxation of ACTUALLY being Friday. We had SO much to do, to cram in, because it is a short week. I am VERY excited about my 4 day weekend.

Jessica and I have decided to officially launch the Fun Chronicles with our first FUN event! We are taking some time to go see an exhibit this weekend that we have been looking forward to. A time to geek out a little with our crafty, origami-minded brains. We are heading over to Legion of Honor in San Francisco to see Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave. It is a mouthful, but I am unnaturally excited about it.

When you are little, you always hope that you will grow up to do something that you love. I am lucky enough to have found that. But when you are younger you hope that the thing you will end up doing will be something you loved THEN, like coloring. Or making little crafts out of pipe-cleaners and puffy balls.

Anything with googly eyes would make a great career...

I think that this exhibit will be like finding someone who DID grow up to do those things.

I just hope we have good weather. Go to Bay, Wane!

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